The Best Omaha Nebraska Communities for Young Professionals

Omaha is a great city for young professionals, with plenty of neighborhoods that offer the perfect combination of convenience, affordability, and amenities. Dundee, Benson, Aksarben, Downtown Omaha, Ramble Ridge, Blackstone, and Leavenworth are some of the best neighborhoods for singles and young professionals. Dundee is located in the heart of Omaha and is just a few miles west of downtown. It's a popular area with lots of local attractions such as the eCreamery ice cream shop, Pitch Pizzeria, and Legend Comics and Coffee.

The neighborhood also hosts regular community events such as the annual 4th of July parade and Dundee Day street festival. Residents can also enjoy nearby shopping malls, restaurants, taverns, and parks like Elmwood Park and Memorial Park. Dundee is also home to Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett. Benson is another great neighborhood for young professionals. It's known for its bustling shopping mall, and popular restaurants such as 1912 Benson and Au Courant Regional Kitchen, Burrito Envy and Tequila Bar, Barchan Beer Garden, Lot 2, and Hardy Coffee Co.

Benson also hosts numerous annual events such as Benson SummerFest and one-off events like live concerts, food festivals, and fundraisers. Morton Meadows is a family-friendly neighborhood located about five miles southwest of downtown Omaha. It's perfect for singles, young professionals, and people with an empty nest. The area has charming streets lined with mowed grass and large trees as well as local businesses like Yoga Now, Omaha Bicycle Company, The Waiting Room music venue, and boutiques. Downtown Omaha is home to trendy restaurants, parks, clubs, business headquarters, the Gene Leahy Shopping Center, CenturyLink Center stadium (which hosts the University World Series every summer), Saddle Creek Records rock club called Slowdown, Heartland Pride Parade & SeptemberFest.

There are also plenty of apartments and condominiums available in the area. Old Market is a small historic neighborhood located just a few blocks from downtown Omaha. It's known for its antique stores, old renovated factories, bright murals, shops, restaurants, breweries, cafes and hotels. Old Market also hosts the Omaha Farmers Market every Saturday from May to October and In the Market for Blues blues festival every year. Omaha is an excellent place for young professionals to live because it has all the services of a big city with a small town atmosphere where it's easier (and more affordable) to participate in the community and meet other like-minded people.

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