The Best Omaha Nebraska Communities for Singles

Omaha is one of the best places in Nebraska for young professionals to move. It has an active nightlife, several mega-events and a full list of varied cuisine. If you're considering moving to Omaha, Nebraska, you'll find plenty of personality, security, green spaces, and affordable housing to meet your needs as a single young black professional or as a new family. Omaha is the largest city in Nebraska, but with a population of just under 500,000, it's easy to get around and still maintains a pleasant and safe environment, more typical of small towns.

Whether you're looking for a fast-paced urban experience with lots of nightlife or a spacious, green neighborhood with great schools, Omaha has a neighborhood for you. Here, we'll explore the best neighborhoods in Omaha for black families, along with the best suburbs in Omaha for young black professionals and singles. For young black professionals and single people, the following neighborhoods in Omaha have an urban atmosphere, are the closest to Omaha corporate buildings for walking and have an excellent range of bars and restaurants for socializing. Downtown Omaha is the most bustling and lively urban scene in the city. Not only are most of the city's major corporate headquarters located in the city center, but downtown Omaha also has the best and most eclectic restaurants and bars in the city.

Urban living has become more popular over the years, and downtown Omaha is quickly adapting to the times, building many more condominiums, lofts and apartment buildings for young professionals. Singles and young professionals can walk to work from home and return home after a great happy hour, a delicious meal with friends or a day of shopping and enjoying the many attractions in the city center. One of the most entertaining shopping, dining and hotel districts to explore in the city center is the Old Market. Another attraction that you will surely frequent is the gigantic CenturyLink theater, in the north center of the country, a stadium with capacity for 17,000 people where sporting events and massive music concerts are held constantly throughout the year. This up-and-coming, modern neighborhood in downtown Omaha is a favorite place to hang out as a couple, friends and colleagues, with a quirky mix of new developments and old and historic buildings and homes.

New, luxurious apartment complexes offer great amenities for young professionals to rent without committing to owning. In addition, the historic and centuries-old buildings and houses are wonderfully preserved, giving the neighborhood a classic touch. There's a big art and coffee scene in Blackstone, and the historic Blackstone Hotel, which gave the neighborhood its name, still serves the best (and original) Reuben sandwich in town. Social events in the Blackstone districts are aimed at locals who love art and food, and the recently renovated neighborhood park is a great place to enjoy a Sunday afternoon. The second Saturday of the month is an art and food event where all galleries exhibit works by local artists, and bars and restaurants offer discounts. The following neighborhoods have great schools, parks, and a mix of old and new homes that are perfect for families and accessible to all budgets.

Another downtown Omaha neighborhood, Askarben, is a picturesque neighborhood full of parks, family-friendly restaurants, great schools, and shady streets with some of the oldest homes in Omaha. These century-old homes are small, modest huts that are beautifully preserved, quaint and affordable. If you're a young family looking to buy their first home, Askarben is a great option. The tree-lined streets and beautiful gardens are safe and welcoming for outdoor play, not to mention a walking and biking trail and the enormous Elmwood Park. In addition, the recently built Aksarben Village offers additional stores, commercial buildings, restaurants and green spaces for families to enjoy. The most culturally diverse and mostly black neighborhoods are in a region known as North Omaha.

Bordering downtown Omaha to the north, North Omaha encompasses Omaha's oldest neighborhoods including Near Northside Florence Bemis Park Saratoga. Each neighborhood is rich in history tree-lined streets pretty houses from early 20th century. Many of these neighborhoods are emblematic heritage sites protected with numerous historic monuments distinctive architecture from late 19th century. North Omaha also has many community programs to improve housing health care education sports programs for young people.

We weren't sure how to classify this historic neighborhood but at same time modern musical because it has something that families young professionals will enjoy appreciate. In older neighborhoods of Omaha Benson was initially founded 1887 initially as separate city from Omaha. Even after its incorporation to Omaha metropolitan area Benson still has historic main street called Maple Street lots great bars restaurants locals appreciate. Large residential areas surrounding Maple Street have excellent community services such as community centers community gardens nice public library several neighborhood parks.

Housing is affordable accommodates growing families while new apartment complexes perfect options singles young professionals. Bars restaurants cafes art galleries Maple Street Benson attract young old customers. In addition Benson live music capital Omaha its bars restaurants host concerts every night. Neighborhood's old houses quiet streets within walking distance neighborhood parks restaurants bars.

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, Omaha has much higher violent crime rate than state national averages. Crime increased 5% over past year Omaha leading crime rates 71 percent higher than national average 62 percent higher violent crimes alone. However compared other urban cities Omaha safer than 10% U.

S. While you might not like statistics it's essential be informed. If you take precautions such as locking your doors when leaving home avoiding dark alleys late night walks you can stay safe while living enjoying all that Omaha has offer singles families alike.