The Best Omaha Nebraska Communities for Families

Omaha is a city located in the midwestern state of Nebraska, founded in 1854. It has a rich history, a diverse population, and many attractions that attract visitors from across the country. From bustling downtown neighborhoods to quiet suburban parks, Omaha truly is a city for everyone. Whether you want to enjoy the outdoors or delve into the vibrant cultural life of Omaha, this city has something for everyone. Dundee is just west of downtown Omaha and is full of beautiful historic homes.

It is extremely pedestrian-friendly and is an ideal choice for families looking for the best suburb in Omaha. Benson is another great option for those seeking a family-friendly community. Northwest Omaha is a dynamic and diverse neighborhood located in the heart of Omaha, Nebraska. With its long history and thriving local community, Northwest Omaha has become an important part of the city.

It offers plenty of opportunities for residents to enjoy everything the city has to offer, from its wide selection of shops, restaurants and green spaces. In addition, Northwest Omaha is home to several prestigious educational institutions and companies, helping to attract people from all over Colorado Springs. Aksarben is a neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska located close to the city's central business district. It is home to Aksarben Village, a mixed-use development that includes residential, commercial, office and entertainment spaces. Aksarben is also home to the Aksarben Aquarium and the Aksarben racing circuit.

The name “Aksarben” is derived from the Omaha-Ponca words “aksa”, which means “hill”, and “ben”, which means “water”. Aksarben was originally established as a summer retreat for wealthy Omaha residents and many of its original homes were built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Ask any local Omahan and they'll agree that Benson is an attractive, exciting and evolving part of the city. Set foot on the cobblestone streets of Omaha's Old Market to be part of all the action. This is Omaha's most historic and entertaining neighborhood, with lots of local shops, restaurants, galleries, entertainment venues, bars, and more.

The Mercado Viejo residential scene is thriving as a result. La Vista is another great option for families looking for a safe neighborhood with plenty to do. It has a wide range of home styles and prices that fit people from all walks of life. Plus, there's plenty to do in La Vista like visiting the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema or exploring its many shops and restaurants. Papillion is ranked as the second best small town to live in Nebraska. It grew from its origins as a small railroad town in 1870 to the thriving community it is today.

You can find a wide range of houses, apartments, and condos that fit just about any price range and lifestyle. Ralston's annual 4th of July celebration is a testament to its traditions, its strong sense of community, and its ability to celebrate and have a good time. This fireworks show and parade attracts people from all over the metropolitan area and has become an important event for the community. You'll find well-maintained homes along Ralston's tree-lined streets with various styles that appeal to all ages and demographics. Formed in 1895, Askarben area is one of Omaha's most popular neighborhoods to date. It started when a group of local businessmen wanted something where residents could come together around education, culture and education. If you want the best of both worlds with an urban atmosphere and small town charm then downtown Omaha is for you.

You'll love the historic architecture and green spaces to explore. West Omaha is one of the safest neighborhoods in Omaha and is only half of downtown Omaha. One of the most popular areas here is Lake Zorinsky where you can explore more than...